Pomagamy fizycznym sklepom detalicznym przekształcać się, rozwijać i odkrywać nowe sposoby działania

Rozwiązanie oparte o kompleksową platformę analityczną RetailNext pozwoliło na szczegółową analizę zachowań klientów w zakresie analizy ruchu i wykonania map kinetycznych dla całego sklepu. Wykonano również badanie demograficzne wieku i płci klientów oraz zbadano odsetek klientów z urządzeniami mobilnymi. Dane te w połączeniu z danymi systemu POS oraz lokacją produktów w poszczególnych działach pozwoliło uzyskać wskaźniki konwersji lokalnej i jej zależność od ilości klientów i ich zaangażowania w proces zakupowy.

Magdalena Dąbska, Dyrektor Marketingu

Our idea was to close the information gap between online and brick-and-mortar channels and RetailNext made that possible. I wanted a system that I could grow into, to make an investment and then not have to re-invest in the same sort of technology in three or four years. Purchased separately, traffic management and loss prevention systems would have cost American Apparel up to 40% more. With RetailNext we were able to bring in something we didn’t have before and got better quality at a lower overall price. Beyond that we’ve used RetailNext to identify low-converting locations for concentrated attention and driven increased sales in these stores. There’s no doubt RetailNext has been a profitable investment for us. We are reporting better customer service and our conversion rates are up pretty drastically from when RetailNext was first implemented.

Stacey Shulman, CIO
American Apparel

RetailNext provides The Art of Shaving with invaluable access to key metrics and data by adding Conversion as a new KPI. This metric allows the company to see opportunities by store and therefore increase overall sales. A mere 1% increase in Conversion can yield $200,000 in additional sales per month, or $2.4 million a year.

Amy Nagrodzki, Associate Director of Retail
The Art of Shaving

It helps us make a better correlation between transaction data and traffic. So now we can find opportunities we might be missing.

Chris Schindler, Director of Operations
Gander Mountain

I liked the advancements in the RetailNext solution for camera identification of gender in the store and the use of Wi-Fi IP addresses to build store heat maps to better understand shopper-browsing activities versus buying behavior. By and large, I thought that many of the vendors were wolves in sheep’s clothing: trying to sell old technologies with new names.

Lora Cecere, CEO
Supply Chain Insights

RetailNext’s real-store testing enables us to understand how shoppers shop, and how best to improve the shopping experience. It gives us the ability to test every element that goes into driving traffic and conversion. This includes price, signage, assortment, and design, as well as many additional factors. What’s more, we can see how this impacts shoppers in real time.

Don Hamblen, SVP Customer Marketing
Family Dollar

RetailNext’s data helps us understand traffic flow around the store and allows us to make better merchandising decisions.

Gary Hawkins, CEO
Green Hills Supermarket